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Run Launches On Autopilot

Launching a new website, a brand-new product, or an exciting series on a streaming platform is a monumental task. Unfortunately, the excitement can quickly turn into frustration if pages don't load or load too slowly, tarnishing the crucial first impression. Virtual waiting rooms are the answer, allowing your teams to focus on building while we expertly manage traffic flow, ensuring your launches go off without a hitch.

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Enable VIP treatment

Establish personalized rules to give special treatment to your most valued customers, including logged-in users and club members. Make sure they don’t lose their place in line and avoid duplication.

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Keep In Touch

Leverage psychological principles of scarcity and timing to create a positive waiting room experience. Offer the option of call, text, or email notifications when it's their turn, ensuring convenience.s Share exciting new products, promotions, videos, and surveys, making the wait rewarding.

Multi-CDN and Multi-Cloud Support

Support customers across different CDNs or cloud platforms. Create separate queues for different domains per origin backend, enabling routing and queuing across various infrastructure types, ensuring scale, performance, and resilience.

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Ensure Fair And Swift Access

Boost user satisfaction by customizing queues by region, requests per second, and more. For instance, during exciting events like Super Bowl or cricket World Cup ticket sales, use random or lottery queues to accommodate varying connection speeds.
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Automatic Virtual Waiting Rooms: Set, Forget, Scale!

Enable and disable virtual waiting rooms automatically. The queuing and access rules of the VWRs are fully programmable, and can be configured based on a variety of criteria like backend server loads, suspicious visitor patterns, visitor thresholds, geographic regions, or traffic spike alerts.

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Dynamic Dequeueing With Granular Control

Efficiently manage visitor dequeueing based on factors like current origin load, response times, and real-time health metrics with our proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) controller that is based on a proprietary algorithm. This mechanism ensures seamless origin service operation, continuously adapting the dequeue rate based on desired traffic patterns.

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