Know your visitors in real time across browsers and devices - without cookies or logins.

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Identify Customers Vs. Fraudsters

Personalize experiences, thwart fraud, and prioritize privacy.

Since the majority of website visitors are anonymous, they make up a significant part of the revenue potential for your site. Engaging them through relevant recommendations and personalized offers a unique opportunity for sales growth.

PhotonIQ Fingerprint leverages exceptional 99.5% visitor accuracy powered by AI/ML models that operate at scale.

Persistent, unique visitor IDs follow users across sessions - regardless of their device - even in incognito mode. This digital “signature” is captured across browsers, devices, and other unique attributes.


Drive Conversions And Sales

Precise identification allows businesses to recognize potential (and repeat) customers in order to offer personalized promotions and recommendations. Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions with items staying in their cart, even after they leave and start another session.

Even during high volume events like Black Friday, Cyber5, or World Cup ticketing, Fingerprint services scales to millions of requests per second, without affecting performance.

58% of online retailers say differentiating synthetic identities is a top verification challenge. (LexisNexis, 2020).


71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions (McKinsey, 2021).


Engaging anonymous users through one channel can lead to a 5.3X rise in likelihood to buy (Braze, 2022).


Stop Fraud With Unique User Detection

Fraud costs companies billions yearly. Intelligent Fingerprint services can recognize real users vs, bots across devices, deterring policy-dodging vectors like coupon abuse, account sharing, payment fraud, fake accounts, and paywall bypassing.



Transform Real-time Insights Into Revenue

Capture every interaction in real-time with smart signals to fuel accurate visitor analytics (like unique visitor count) and more precise ad placement and pricing. With granular insights into visitor behavior and habits, anonymous traffic can be converted into valuable data for strategic decisions.


Persistent tracking across sessions and devices

Leverage 300+ device and browser factors like audio fingerprinting to identify and follow users.


Accurate identification with AI

Proprietary machine learning models and fuzzy logic analyze fingerprint data to identify matching users with a high confidence score - even when attributes change.


See through incognito browsers

Reliably recognize individuals through advanced canvas and hardware fingerprint techniques that persist beyond incognito browsers and cookie deletion.


Privacy you can trust

Adhere to regulations like GDPR and CCPA while building visitor trust through transparent consent flows and in-region identification.


Lightweight for seamless experiences

Carefully optimized, lightweight code has minimal impact on performance and resources.


Managed services built for rapid implementation

Hassle-free, seamless integration with existing tools in 60 days or less.

Ready to get to know your visitors better to maximize profits?

Reduce your fraud risks and create seamless customer experiences. Schedule a chat with an Enterprise Solution Architect to learn more.

  • Drive up conversion rates and revenue
  • Simplify and speed up checkout
  • Improve visitor journeys with real-time insights
  • Thwart bad actors and coupon abuse
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