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Customer expectations have reached new heights thanks to mobile ordering, pandemic shopper shifts, and influencers like Amazon and Netflix pushing the envelope. To stay competitive, eCommerce brands must leverage the latest technologies – but fragmented systems, legacy constraints, and scaling issues can result in subpar performance and increased resource costs.

Rather than a full overhaul or lift-and-shift strategy that takes years to implement and perfect, integrating cutting-edge AI services at the edge that enhance existing infrastructure will enable seamless customer experiences from site to store in weeks, not years.

Every step of the customer journey impacts your bottom line - from initial site discovery to final checkout. Let’s walk through key friction points and technologies to engage new visitors and retain high-value customers.


Easy to find! Raise SEO rankings.

PhotonIQ Prerendering

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Site Speed and SEO Discoverability

If customers can't find you, they can't buy. But fast static sites don’t show the full SEO picture and dynamic content can be too slow for today’s customers.

Prerendering delivers cached pages instantly to SEO crawlers, while customers receive dynamic content with on-demand rendering. Search engines can index fresh content with synthetic interactions that simulate user journeys boosting rankings and driving qualified traffic.


Speed it up! Improve site performance by up to 70%.

PhotonIQ Performance Proxy (P3)

AI-Driven Site Performance

Slow page loads hurt conversions, and un-optimized media and legacy JavaScript is often to blame. But companies struggle to find the time and resources to overhaul web and legacy systems.

P3 works transparently between CDNs and origin infrastructure to optimize pages and assets on-the-fly. These automated proxies use AI to dynamically tailor performance improvements (like compression or minification) to each site as traffic patterns change. Running on edge nodes, P3 accelerates your site transparently without any changes to code or re-platforming. It’s a proxy that filters out all the reasons for slow site speeds and delivers snappy online experiences on the other side.


Let real customers in! And keep bad bots out.

PhotonIQ Virtual Waiting Rooms
Smart-er Traffic Management

Traffic spikes can overload servers and stall sites. Traditional virtual waiting rooms may leave your loyal customers waiting in the lurch.

PhotonIQ Virtual Waiting Rooms use powerful AI to efficiently queue visitors and divert bots away from the origin. Configurable policies ensure fairness and flexibility (like by region or request per second) in queues. Intelligent Flow Control adjusts traffic patterns based on origin traffic, CDN-based alerts, visitor thresholds, and other custom criteria. Real-time analytics identify issues and personalization options improve user experiences.


Identify and personalize! Without cookies or logins.

PhotonIQ Fingerprint
Precise Identification without PII

Anonymous website visitors make up a large portion of the traffic and revenue. Engaging them through relevant recommendations can increase sales but legacy fingerprint tools hamper personalization efforts.

Fingerprint services build persistent, unique IDs based on 300+ factors to track users across sessions, browsers, and devices. Removing anonymity, eCommerce companies can identify fraudsters and bots to stop coupon misuse and malicious activities. Lightweight code won't overload servers or stall sites, even at scale.


Deliver lightning-fast, hyper-personalized search results.

PhotonIQ HyperSearch
AI-Powered Search for Exceptional User Experiences

HyperSearch leverages a globally distributed vector store and advanced AI/ML algorithms to deliver lightning-fast, hyper-personalized results (p90 < 50 ms). With advanced ranking, filtering, personalization, and product categorization capabilities, HyperSearch creates unique and efficient experiences for every user across various search types.

Boost conversions, drive engagement, and increase revenue with customizable relevance ranking and recommendations aligned with user interests and business objectives.


Enable advanced personalization! Develop custom profiles for visitors.

PhotonIQ Know Your Visitor
Privacy-Preserving Personalization

Know Your Visitor (KYV) takes a digital fingerprint and then uses advanced AI & Machine Learning to analyze behaviors on the page to build a visitor profile. From here, KYV scores these behaviors to determine outcomes like buying intent, likelihood to abandon cart, etc and provides highly relevant offers, suggestions, and customization. KYV optimizes marketing strategies for higher conversions while ensuring regulatory compliance and a non-intrusive, holistic view of each visitor.


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eCommerce eBook

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  • Improve SEO rankings and page load times
  • Optimize web site speed metrics for better customer journeys
  • Manage traffic even during busy events and sales
  • Identify your visitors for personalization and to stop fraud
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