AI-powered search for hyper-personalized, real-time results.

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Unleash the Power of Search

Lightning-fast, relevant results.

In a world where time is precious, users expect instant, precise, and personalized results – but centralized or distant public clouds may test users' patience.

PhotonIQ HyperSearch leverages a globally distributed vector store and advanced AI/ML algorithms, delivering lightning-fast results to you (p90 < 50 ms).

From lexical and semantic, to image and multi-modal, HyperSearch creates a unique and efficient search experience for every user.


Boost Conversions and Revenue with Personalized Search

Personalization lets your customers find exactly what they're looking for, dramatically improving their experience and increasing conversions. A Google 2023 study indicated that 92% of consumers purchase the item they were searching for, if they think the search was successful.

With HyperSearch's personalized relevance ranking, your customers see the most relevant products or services based on their preferences (user profile), past behavior (previous queries, clicked links), and current search criteria.

53% of carts are abandoned because of search issues (Google 2023)


80% of consumers leave when search doesn’t meet their expectations (Chain Store Age 2023)


69% of consumer say that they often see irrelevant results (Chain Store Age 2023)


Build AI-powered Real-time Search and Recommendations

HyperSearch simplifies searching by using its globally distributed vector store to turn complex data into detailed mathematical models. This improves search accuracy and relevance for filtering, recommendations, image searching, and more.

HyperSearch makes any data easily findable - no matter where it lives – blending vector search with AI to meet and surpass user expectations.


Promote Targeted Content with HyperSearch

With customizable relevance ranking and boosting capabilities, you can prioritize search results based on popularity or business objectives. Showcase your latest products, trending topics, or highlight important information, ensuring that users discover the content you want them to see.

Whether you are an OTT video streaming provider pushing the latest content or an airline provider trying to sell vacant seats, drive engagement and revenue by aligning search results with your business goals.


Access Data From Anywhere

Integrates with existing data ecosystems, acting as an index server for third-party data stores.


Real-time Indexing

Discover the most up-to-date information with continuous data ingestion.


Fast, Global Search Experiences

Delivers low-latency search experiences globally by operating at the edge.


Users Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

More accurate search results, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.


Recommendations They Actually Want

Create customized content recommendations aligned with user interests.


Turn Search Into Sales Results

Transforms search functionality into a competitive advantage.

Ready to drive engagement and sales?

Enhance your search capabilities and provide your users with lightning-fast, accurate results that prompt action. Experience the speed and relevance of HyperSearch across different search types. Consider filtering, relevance ranking, and personalization options to drive faster results. Chat with our experts on your customer experience goals and challenges and discuss ways to implement a tailored solution for fast ROI.

  • Witness the speed and accuracy of HyperSearch in action
  • Reduce cart abandonment and increase the duration of site visits
  • Explore advanced features and customization options
  • Learn how easy and fast it is to implement HyperSearch into your existing platform
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