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Real-time event delivery that can scale to millions of subscribers worldwide.

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Get updates that matter - not noise

Reliable notification delivery at enterprise scale, made simple.

PhotonIQ Event Hub delivers real-time event data from the edge to applications using WebSockets and Server-Sent Events. Advanced filtering allows subscribers to only receive relevant information.

  • Event Hub protects data from unauthorized access and ensures seamless scaling during high-volume periods.
  • Reduce data complexity with SQL-like querying and fast, easy integration with existing systems.

Empower subscribers to make informed decisions

Real-time notifications keep your subscribers up-to-date and allow them to quickly take action when seconds matter.

Dynamic event subscription and publishing capabilities enable a two-way data exchange, while unique SQL-like filtering ensures your subscribers receive only highly targeted, personalized information.

This boosts subscriber engagement and loyalty by ensuring your messages don't get lost in the noise.

The average US smartphone user gets 46 notifications per day (Business of Apps, 2024).


Advanced targeting improves reaction rates by 300% (Business of Apps 2024).


Push notification personalisation improves reaction rates by 400% (Business of Apps 2024).


Secure and scalable delivery

Event Hub is built to accommodate the needs of businesses with vast user bases. With robust security measures such as encryption and user authentication, you can ensure the safe delivery of your event notifications even as you scale.


Keep track of trends in real time

Event Hub provides detailed metrics and analytics, offering insights into data usage and event trends. This allows you to optimize your applications and respond to changes as they occur.


Build and retain your subscriber base

Keep subscribers in the know and attract new subscribers with FOMO


Better Decisions

Subscribers can adapt to market changes faster than their competition.


Targeted Delivery

Prevent information overload and ensure key information isn't lost


Hyper-personalize content

Precise filtering lets subscribers choose their notifications from stocks to weather


Seamless Global Scaling

Scale to millions globally without delay - from edge locations.


Easy and Fast Implementation

Integrate quickly into current systems and get started in 30 days or less.

Learn more about Event Hub - talk to an expert

Discover how PhotonIQ Event Hub can revolutionize your real-time event delivery and boost subscriber engagement. Our experts are ready to provide you with a personalized demo and answer all your questions about leveraging Event Hub for your specific use case.

  • Witness the power of real-time notifications and intelligent filtering in action
  • Explore how Event Hub can reduce data complexity and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems
  • Receive personalized guidance on optimizing your event delivery strategy to maximize subscriber engagement and loyalty
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