Edge Side Tagging

The Intelligent Way to Load Tags Without Hurting Page Speed
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Eliminate Tag Bloat

Keep bulky scripts off your pages and keep them on the edge instead.

Edge Side Tagging relocates all marketing, analytics, and monitoring tags away from your page code to the network's edge. This eliminates all the extra round trips and delays caused by fetching these external scripts sequentially.

With tag scripts removed, pages can start rendering immediately without competition for bandwidth resources. Users no longer experience the loading gaps, layout shifts, and jittery behavior caused by blocking tag calls.

By fetching tags in parallel from the network edge, you can deploy essentially unlimited tags without impacting user experience or site performance.


Unblocked Tags, Unleashed Experiences.

Pages render faster without bulky vendor code and creating a bloated payload. Users get a smooth experience as tags load in the background. Since EST executes JavaScript tags at the edge, bypassing the end user's browser, it accelerates page load times.

28% average page load time decrease.


79% fewer round trips for tags.


62% reduction in page weight.


The No-Tradeoff Approach to Tag Management

Edge Side Tagging eliminates tag performance penalties while retaining measurement and marketing capabilities.



Tagging Built For Speed and Scale

Edge Side Tagging is the intelligent way to implement tags. By relocating bulky vendor scripts to the network edge, pages render faster without sacrificing critical tag functionality and analytics.


Faster Pages

Eliminates tag blocking and bloat so pages load and become interactive faster.


Smoother Experiences

Tags load in the background so users see no loading gaps, layout shifts or jittery behavior.


Mobile Optimization

Critical on slower networks, tags no longer compete for bandwidth with page content.


Analytics and Continuity

With Parallel Tag Loading analytics and data continuity are unaffected.


Unlimited Tags

Add tags freely without worrying about performance budgets.


Quick Deployment

Client-side deployment means no vendor code changes needed.


No-Tradeoff Solution

Enjoy performance gains without compromising on tag capabilities.

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