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No more cold starts or performance bottlenecks

It's time to bring edge speed to your serverless computing with PhotonIQ Global FaaS. With near-native Wasm performance and geo-replication, you can guarantee low latency.

  • Make the dev cycle snappy and simple by creating and deploying applications using Wasm “workers” modules.
  • Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and focus on building your application – PhotonIQ Global FaaS takes care of the rest.

Bring More Efficiency To Build

Build scalable applications, while each Wasm worker handles specific HTTP endpoints for you.

Follow a simple, intuitive workflow to boost development productivity, so you can focus on writing high-quality code.

Avoid vendor lock-in by choosing the language of your choice (Like Rust, Javascript, Go, Ruby, or Python) and leveraging Wasm’s standardization.

Take advantage of cost control mechanisms to stay on budget.

Deploy serverless apps faster than AWS Lambda


Reduce compute consumption by autoscaling


Improve cost efficiency through pay per use pricing


Keep It Secure

FaaS prioritizes security by safeguarding the execution environment for your functions. With secure communication protocols in place, you can rest assured that your code and data are protected.

Put Run on Autopilot

Geo-replication from over 175 edge locations ensures fast execution worldwide.

FaaS automatically scales functions to handle diverse workloads and ensure high availability.


Cold starts Are Out

Execute in seconds


More Room to Grow

Decrease capacity with less compute consumption


Stop overpaying and overprovisioning

Use and pay for what you need


Remove Deployment Steps

No OS layers or instance configs


Hands-Off Management

Auto-scales functions based on your workload requirements


Don’t compromise on speed

P90 <50ms low latency

Learn More About Global FaaS

Want to see the game-changing potential of PhotonIQ Global FaaS for yourself? Our experts are here to guide you through leveraging Global FaaS for your unique needs - whether you would like a personalized demo, or would like to chat about your use case.

  • See the performance gains and effortless scaling in action
  • Explore how FaaS can streamline your dev and deployment processes
  • Receive personalized advice about the benefits of integrating FaaS into your current setup
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